Välkommen till SE*Entourage's
Norsk skogkatt uppfödning

Welcome home S*Little L's Jimi Hendrix
Our future breeding male.

SE*Entourage's Unique Juni at her first show 11/3 in Upplands Väsby.
4 months and 3 days old. Ex 1, BIV
Good girl!

IC PR SE*Entourage's Matilde (Lives at (N) Vargskogens)
Became Premier at Adelkatten 2022-12-03
Lovely picture of the queen!

SE*Entourage's leave your sox on, jw

Best In Show 20/8 in Piteå 
Best In Show 2/4 & 3/4 in Kempele

We are so proud of him!
Thank you soooo much Charlotta & Daniel (S*Pax Romas)
for showing him and that you take such good care of my "little" Sockan!

SE*Entourage's Maxine had the honor of being the "covercat" for the latest Forest Cat's magazine at Skogkattslingan. She's so beautiful, I'm a very proud breeder!

CH SE*Entourage's La Gloria

SE*Entourage's Maxine NFO n 09 22
Owner: Krister Holmberg


Some news for you!

Welcome home Jimi!
Jimi is co-owned with Caroline Jönsson and lives with her and her boys in Växjo. Jimi is hopefully SE*Entourage's future breeding male. 

Indy has moved to a new home since she not was feeling well living with the other cats. Shes living her dream now as a single cat with her new loving humans. We are so happy that we found the best home for her.

Show results from Hallstahammar. Unique Juni became INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION.

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