Welcome to SE*Entourage's NFO

We can proudly present our new female S*Segersjös Uwa
Thank you so much Cina, we are so happy that we got the chance to be owned by this beautiful silver girl.

S*Harley Honey's Ibanez - Enjoying spring!
S*Harley Honey's Ibanez - Enjoying spring!

SE*Entourage's Partagas

7 months old at his first shows at NERK with lovely judgement.

Saturday: Ex 1, NOM (One vote in panel)
Sunday: Ex1, BIV, NOM

Such a good boy, he will enter some more shows for sure! 
Congrats to his owners Hanna & Jasmin!

S*Harley Honey's Ibanez NFO f 09 22, 6,5 y/o - Stunning!

S*Harley Honey's Ibanez - 6,5 years old

SE*Entourage's Indy Air NFO d 09 24, 4 y/o - My sweet lady

se*Entourage's Matilde

Congrats to Chrisin Brennholt (N) Vargskogen's - Matilde became EX 1, BIV jr/kitten, NOM, BEST IN SHOW 4-7 and the best club cat at Adelkatten show 2017-12-02. We are so proud, thank you Christin for showing Matilde <3

IC SE*Entourage's Casper

Casper became International Champion 4/11-17
* Congrats to his owner Petra Schultz cattery Caramon's *

SE*Entourage's Partagas NFO d 24, 4,5 months old. In his new home! <3


Welcome home S*Segersjös Uwa
More info!

All kittens has moved to their new owners. Thank you all for kind words about our Stranger Things litter and all the interests there have been.

Now we will take a break from breeding and hopefully we will be back in late 2018 or beginning of 2019.  We will attend at a few shows during 2018 - Maybe we will see each other there.


All kittens has found their new homes and start moving this week.
13 weeks photos available.
Good luck with everything my sweet "Stranger Things litter"

All kittens are booked now.

SE*Entourage's La Gloria
Nr 1, Big, Bis 4-7 months and skogkattmästare 2016!
We are so proud!