Välkommen till SE*Entourage's

uppfödning av Norsk skogkatt

Thank you so much Inger Nilsson!
That we had the chance to buy this lovely lady.
Im so happy that we still have her daughter and grandchild here with us.
There's no cat like Ibba and no cat could ever replace her!

SE*Entourage's Hammam <3


We have decided to put the cattery "on ice" since we had some massive setbacks this autumn.

Unfortunately, S*Segersjös Uwa was infected by FPV (kattpest) virus, even though she was fully vaccinated. She survived the acute phase but after three months of follow-ups at the vet, medication and fightning, her body could not recover and she could not produce white blood cells correctly. Her last week in life she got really tired and we could see that she was ready to go....
2019-11-25 she peacefully walked over the rainbow bridge and became an angel.

Some weeks later our queen S*Harley Honey's Ibanez, our first breeding female got ill. She didnt want to eat properly and quickly she became very ill. After acute examinations at the vet and a day spent in vetshospital, it was through ultrasounds and bloodsamples found that her liver, spleen, bile ducts were terribly inflamed and there were also finds in and around the organs some evidence of cancer. With a poor prognosis, we had to make the difficult decision to let Ibba go. We are devestated and its really hard to take in that two of our girls is gone..... But life has to go on <3

To clarify, Ibba had no signs of infectious disease. Her white blood cells were stable and she had no fever. She did not die of FPV virus.

We hope to be back with the breeding maybe in the end of 2020/2021. Our house has been cleaned and decontaminated thoroughly to reduce possible reinfection by FPV viruses that could survive for a long time in the environment.

If you have any questions please contact me! 

Warm regards,
Mikaela Petersson
SE*Entourage's NFO