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Buddha & Hammam with their new "humans" :-)

S*Segersjös Uwa - 9 months old

Indy was neutred 180802 - Im so happy with her litters and offsprings. A special thanks to all my lovely kitten buyers that has bought Indys babies. You are the best! <3 Indy will now live with us as a happy neuter. 

We can proudly present our new female S*Segersjös Uwa
Thank you so much Cina, we are so happy that we got the chance to be owned by this beautiful silver girl.

S*Harley Honey's Ibanez - Enjoying spring!
S*Harley Honey's Ibanez - Enjoying spring!

SE*Entourage's Partagas

7 months old at his first shows at NERK with lovely judgement.

Saturday: Ex 1, NOM (One vote in panel)
Sunday: Ex1, BIV, NOM

Such a good boy, he will enter some more shows for sure! 
Congrats to his owners Hanna & Jasmin!

S*Harley Honey's Ibanez NFO f 09 22, 6,5 y/o - Stunning!

S*Harley Honey's Ibanez - 6,5 years old

SE*Entourage's Indy Air NFO d 09 24, 4 y/o - My sweet lady

se*Entourage's Matilde

Congrats to Chrisin Brennholt (N) Vargskogen's - Matilde became EX 1, BIV jr/kitten, NOM, BEST IN SHOW 4-7 and the best club cat at Adelkatten show 2017-12-02. We are so proud, thank you Christin for showing Matilde <3

IC SE*Entourage's Casper

Casper became International Champion 4/11-17
* Congrats to his owner Petra Schultz cattery Caramon's *

SE*Entourage's Partagas NFO d 24, 4,5 months old. In his new home! <3

En liten rubrik.

Welcome to SE*Entourages Norwegian forest cat breeding


All kittens has now found their new owners. Buddha and Hammam moved to the same home. Good luck Monica with family with your new boys.