We have plans for Gloria this autumn, more info will come!

Female: CH SE*Entourage’s La Gloria Male: Info will come! :)

Both HCM U.A | GSDIV-free | PK-def N/N


Explaining status:
Available - The kitten is available for interest. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.
Under evaluation - Wew want to see how the kitten develops (when interest for breeding/show)
Option - Someone is interested in this kitten, nothing is decided/the kitten is not booked.
Booked - The kitten is booked, a booking-fee is payed.
Sold - The kitten is sold and has moved to the new owner.

If you are interested.
Please contact me. Mickispetersson@gmail.com


Under länken kan du läsa mer om dom genetiska sjukdomar vi testar våra katter för
(HCM, GSD4 och PK-def)

Läs mer här!