Female: CH SE*Entourage's La Gloria
Male: WW'19, SW'22, SW'19, SC S*Rockringen's Underdog JW, DSM, DVM

Akilles FaceMaled 03 22Booked
Hard TouchMalen 03 22Booked
Unique JuniFemalef 03 24Stays with us
Lara BokoFemalen 03 24Booked
Racing BroddaFemalef 03 24Booked
High on PepperMaled 03 24Booked


Explaining status:

Available - The kitten is available for interest. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.
* Under evaluation - We want to see how the kitten develops (Common when interest for breeding/show)
Interest shown - Someone is interested in this kitten, nothing is decided/the kitten is not booked.
On Hold - The kitten is on hold for a buyer/interest.
Booked - The kitten is booked, a booking-fee is payed.
Sold - The kitten is sold and has moved to the new owner.

Pictures of mummy & daddy!

Thank you Barbro, Linda & Nicklas so, so much for
letting us have the oppertunity to mate Gloria with Hunden. This is a dream combination!


Under länken kan du läsa mer om dom genetiska sjukdomar vi testar våra katter för (HCM, GSD4 och PK-def)
Läs mer här!

If you are interested.
Please contact me. Mickispetersson@gmail.com