CH DK*Sakeena's Genghis Khan, JW

Gillis is a wonderful STRONG NFO male with lots of good qualitees. He has a super bone structure. Large well set ears with tuffs. Nice NFO look with powerful eyes (I prefer a more opened look of the eyes, but with the combination with Gloria Im not worried about the eyes or the look of the kittens) Gillis got a super triangel with straight STRONG sidelines. Chin OK, could be stronger. He has a wonderful coat quality with SUPER tabby pattern and perfect amount of white for a 09. He also got a long and strong tail. The thing I really love with him is his teddybear temper. He is such a sweet guy! He was not stressed at all staying with us and accepted the supervised mating (the female is not with the male the whole time, this way prevent the spreading of diseases and a good way to see how many successful mating there is) 

Thank you so, so much Caroline for making this possible! <3

Photos taken by me during the mating